Alpha Phi Omega

Be a leader. Be a friend. Be of service.

Who are We?

We are the Gamma Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the nation's largest co-ed collegiate service fraternity. Each semester, we consistently contribute thousands of hours of service in order to help our surrounding community. There are currently over 500,000 members and 369 active chapters across the U.S. Yet despite its size, the brotherhood here is very special. You might join for the service, but you will stay for the friendship and for the brotherhood. Here in Alpha Phi Omega, we aim to have a family where everyone feels welcome. Here, we aim to do service for our community, for our friends, and for ourselves.



Our program develops the leadership skills of its members through shared leadership. Our members have the opportunity to serve as chapter officers or plan and lead volunteer projects and social programs. Members may also participate in leadership development programs.



Brotherhood is the spirit of friendship. Joining this fraternity means being openminded to meeting diverse characters and overlooking differences as we join together in unselfish service. Through numerous social bondings, members find a community to return to every semester.



A common thread of interest that ties all of us together is our commitment and passion to service. As an organization, we work with many local non-profit organizations and participate in many large-scale service events to better serve our community, campus, country, and nation.

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A Message from the President


Brain Chou here. I’m the President of UC Berkeley's chapter of ΑΦΩ for the 2020 calendar year, and I can't wait to meet your acquaintance!

Alpha Phi Omega is constituted by our three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. As a co-ed service fraternity, we offer a myriad of opportunities to give back to the community and support important causes. Our service program, established in 1939, remains a strong presence on the UC Berkeley campus. We contribute thousands of quality service hours every semester to our chapter, campus, community, and our country thanks to an integrative event calendar that streamlines the process of finding and signing up for events.

Boasting over 70 active brothers, our fraternity is a strong community of people, all hailing from different walks of life. Our brothers come from a diversity of backgrounds, majors, and passions, yet we are all united in our philanthropy and desire to help others. From chapter-initiated service events to inter-chapter fellowships and programs, there are a wealth of opportunities for actives to take leadership roles to build their professional prowess and develop as leaders in our chapter.

I hope I’ve given you an enticing peek into what Alpha Phi Omega is all about and I look forward to welcoming the Spring 2020 pledge class!